It’s the People, Stupid!

I had my first law class today – Tort – taught by Prof Norchaya. It was a total eye-opener and I was thoroughly inspired in many ways.

She was so good that she had me thinking of switching my career to law. You see, I suffer from a Messiah complex – the need to save the world from itself. So, law would definitely be one of those ways to do it.

However, I am too passionate about building things to actually do it. But I will definitely integrate what I learn in law school with my engineering work and Tort is definitely relevant when it comes to finding solutions to convoluted problems, which is what engineering is all about.

Now, back to Tort class. After six fun-filled hours of discussing the basics of Tort, I learned a few things from Prof Norchaya.

Firstly, I learned how to be a better teacher. I already consider myself a pretty good teacher when it comes to delivering content and encouraging students to learn. However, she has shown me how I can actually inspire students to throw their mind, body and soul into a subject. I am humbled.

Secondly, I learned that Tort is about people – particularly people-people relationships whether they be individuals or groups. As a result, it can cover pretty much anything and everything, particularly that which is not covered by other specific laws.

Thirdly, I learned that ultimately, it is about justice and remedying any injustice without causing any further harm, which in itself, is not totally black-white because the liability is often shared and things can get super entangled when multiple parties are involved.

Anyway, that’s my basic take-away of the matter.

I’ll probably write more on the subject when I actually get to studying the details of Tort later. I do think that it is going to be interesting as everything is fluid and subject to personal prejudice.

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Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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