Legal Side of Politics is essentially what Constitutional Law is about – the legal side of politics. As a result, we need to be critical in our thinking of the problem. The only way to understand Consti is to be fully aware of politics.

That’s essentially what Johan taught us today in the introduction to Consti. I like him and he is passionate about the subject. He is also very philosophical in his approach and is thoroughly grounded in Constitutionalism. However, he is tardy – late to class each time today.

Unlike the other modules, the reading list for Consti is fluid and dynamic. Not only are we encouraged to read legal texts, we are also encouraged to read the mainstream media, alternative media, as well as papers put out by certain real NGOs.

We were asked to ultimately draw our own conclusions on the matter.

Also, I learned that the law professor at UIA who is currently facing suspension of whatever form, literally wrote the text-book on Constitution. Malaysian Constitution: Critical Introduction by Abdul Aziz Bari is a recommended text.

Now, that puts things in a whole different perspective for me. With all due respect, UIA has just alienated whole generations of law students in Malaysia, especially those who have been fortunate enough to study under him.

Ultimately, the function of the Constitution is to serve to limit the powers of the government.

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