Second Year

Law School
Law School (Photo credit: Tulane Public Relations)

I’ve just recently signed up for my second year Law classes. Funny thing is that, our first year results aren’t out yet! I’m merely making the assumption that I passed them all and am moving securely onto the second year.

This coming year, I’m going to take these subjects, in order of decreasing interest:

Knowing me, I’m a penyibuk who likes to jaga tepi kain orang and therefore, Family Law has massive appeal. It’s always nice to read up on other people’s dirt that get dragged up during a divorce. So, I’m certainly looking forward to reading cases on this.

Crime intrigues me. I have a slight criminal bent. I have always been interested in criminal minds. So, reading up on criminal cases would be fun too. However, I am reminded that not all crimes are exciting. There are plenty of petty crimes.

I once worked for a government agency and I have learned that there are many rules that govern the executive. It would be nice to know what all those rules are, particularly to better deal with government machinery.

Equity, Trusts
I have to admit that I harbour dreams of being wealthy one day. So, it would be useful to understand issues affecting the administration of property.

Boring, but important. Everything involves land.

So, that’s what I plan to take next year. I have quit my current job to focus more on Law studies. I have taken Prof Johan’s words to heart – that is to really study this full-time. I plan to park my arse in the Law library regularly next year.

I wonder how does one go about reserving one of them study rooms…

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