Law Exam Results

I picked up a copy of my first year examination results at the faculty office today and boy, was it a surprise for me. While I already knew that I had passed all my papers, I did not know the detail results until today.

Overall, I averaged slightly better than a B+ and I am happy with that result. According to my lawyer friends, averaging a B+ is supposedly a good performance for Law school though it’s not something that I’m quite accustomed to. Hehe.

But the shocker is that I obtained the results that was opposite of that which I had expected.

I was worried about passing Tort since I only managed to cover less than half the syllabus and had trouble answering the paper as it was my first ever Law paper. I actually ended up getting an A for this known killer paper instead. Go figure. I have no idea how I accomplished that.

I was super confident of acing Contract as I had managed to answer that paper well (or so I had thought) but it actually ended up being my worst paper with only a B- to show for it. I must have misread the situations and identified the wrong issues. I was so sure that I did well.

Terbalik pula.

Consti was a wildcard that was quite difficult to predict and was another killer paper. I hardly had time to prepare for this paper as it was already at the end of my exams and my brains were saturated and I was depressed studying it. I ended up with a B+ for this emotionally charged paper.

The other two papers – I got an A for Islamic Law and a B for Malaysian Legal System. Studying Islamic Law was a lot of fun but I have no idea how I ended up with only a B for MLS, a simple expository paper that was supposed to be a walk in the park.

Overall, I am quite happy with my results and I am going to reward myself by buying a new DSLR (Pentax-K30) this evening, just in time for my family holiday next week. But since I didn’t get a majority A result, I won’t be getting myself a prime lens too. I’ll leave that for next year.

I hope that I can bring up my CGPA next year with more As.

Update: I up sold myself to a K30 with a blue anodised body!

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5 thoughts on “Law Exam Results”

  1. Hi, I just joined BOJ this year. First of all, congrats on your passing the exam. Can I get advice from you, how are you able to remember the case laws? How many case laws supposed to be quoted at each questions?

      1. Even though you do not quote many cases in consti but you still manage to pass with a fairly good grade. I hope to sit for the 5 core law subjects next year and I have done sort of a preliminary reading in MLS, Consti and Tort. ( I started somewhere in June).Now I am doing contract , but it’s terribly difficult esp consideration and void agreements. My main problem is remembering the case laws. I try to look at the past year questions also, but mostly I feel like quite blank on what to write. If you do not mind, can you share your study method?

  2. It’s quite difficult for me to join all the LEEP programme as I am from Sabah and I am working as well. Difficult to quit my job now. But I am really very keen to learn law and of course to pass the exams. Hope you can share some of your study tips. Thanks.

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