Why I Study Law

I had this short conversation with a classmate of mine, in class, today.

Q: You have a PhD?
A: Yes.
Q: Then, why you study Law?
A: for Fun!
(shocked look)

I do realise that a lot of the people in my class are doing this external Law degree for the sake of their careers. Half my classmates are either police officers, court officers, or clerks working in Law firms. So, this group or people are definitely doing the Law degree for their career progression.

Another fairly large group are people who are doing their first degree. These are largely people who have an STPM or equivalent but never got themselves a degree, due to various circumstances. So, these people are also doing it as a way to get a basic degree for increased job prospects.

There’s a also a substantive group of people who already have degrees. I’m not sure if there are others with doctorates in the class, but I know of many who have got basic degrees in various fields, and also several with masters degrees. However, many in this group are also doing it to boost their careers.

But not everyone does it for career reasons.

There’s one group of people – retirees or those very close to retirement. There are plenty of aunties/uncles in class and even some former Senator. These people are obviously not doing it for career purposes but are possibly doing it as an aspiration maybe, or to pass time. I don’t know for sure as I’ve never actually asked them about it.

Finally, there’s me – doing it purely out of interest. I have always had an interest in the Law. My mum always thought that I had a gift for it. True, a law degree will not help me progress, one bit, in my career. However, knowing the Law is always helpful as all human activity is regulated by it.

I just hope that others can just accept that.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

2 thoughts on “Why I Study Law”

  1. Full support! I’m glad that you have the opportunity and passion to pursue law for its intrinsic value, even more so, not as a first degree or for career advancement. I personally look up to you, for I consider studying law, some time to come. I’ve got to finish my first degree first though! Until then, all the best!

  2. I know exactly what you mean.

    When I was head of HR with a public listed company in Hong Kong, I chose to attend a Master in Counseling programme there. People also wonder why I bothee.

    “True, the degree will not help me progress, one bit, in my career. However, knowing counseling is always helpful to other fellow human beings, if not to oneself.”

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